Digitisation for Employability and Lifelong Learning 2030
Technology enabled blended learning interventions for sustainable development
Digitisation for Employability and Lifelong Learning 2030 is an initiative of Tagore Foundation, Manav Mandir Mission Trust and TrainingFirst for life skills training and generational well-being.

This initiative leverages the power of technology to make quality education programmes accessible to the urban and rural children and youths.
To ensure that no child is left behind, for every child in a private school, a child in a government school will be given access to the self-paced interactive modules.

Programme at Schools

Several students of both private and government schools have benefitted from this programme. The programme aims to:

- Increase awareness regarding basic concepts of health & hygiene among students.

- Help students deal with stress and anxiety they encounter due to various issues they face in teenage years.

- Instil positive human values in students to help them become responsible citizens of the future.

- Equip students with the necessary skills to adapt to rapid technological advancements.

- Enhance communication skills of students and prepare them for interviews.
Case Study

- A Health and Hygiene awareness programme was conducted at 5 government schools located in rural parts of northern India.

- Topics included Fitness & Nutrition, Personal Hygiene, and
Emotional Well-being.

- The blended learning programme consisted of a self-paced
e-learning module, followed by a classroom discussion.

- Likert items were used to measure attitudinal change and
multiple choice questions to measure change in knowledge.

The following results were observed across 5 schools:
Course Topics
Fitness & Nutrition
What is a balanced diet? What are the different types of
physical exercises and how are they beneficial? Why is
rest important? What are some of the lifestyle disease?
How can we overcome barriers to physical activity?
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Personal Hygiene
What are oral, hand and body hygiene? Why are they
important? How to use public facilities? What are
some common modes of infection transmission?
What is infection prevention and control?
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Emotional Well-being
What is emotional well-being? What are some of
the factors affecting our emotional well-being?
What are some tensions of student life? How
can we improve our emotional well-being?
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Emotional Intelligence
What are emotions? How is emotional quotient
different from intelligence quotient? What are the five
components of emotional intelligence? How can
we enhance our emotional quotient?
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Environmental Ethics
What are some urgent environmental issues? How
can we tackle them? What is sustainable living and
sustainable development? How can we shift
to a sustainable worldview?
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Human Values for Personal Well-being
What are human values? How do they influence our
personal well-being? How can we incorporate human
values in our daily life? How does inculcation of human
values in individuals lead to betterment of the society.
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Interview Skills &
Resume Writing
How to prepare for an interview? How to maintain
good body language in the interview? How to write
a resume and choose the right words for it?
How to cross examine our resume?
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Communication Skills
What are communication skills? What is non-verbal communication? How is formal communication different
from informal communication? What is email etiquette?
How can we enhance our communication skills?
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Soft Skills
What are soft skills? How are they different
from hard skills? How do they make us
employable? What are the different types of
soft skills? How can we enhance our soft skills?
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Financial Management
What is financial management? What are the different types
of investments? How can we manage financials risks?
What is financial planning and budgeting? What are some
of the commonly used digital financial systems?
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Essential Computer Skills
What are some of the important computer skills we all
should know? How to use different applications of
Microsoft Office? How to use the internet and email?
How to manage data on a personal computer?
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Cyber Security
What is cyber security? Why is it required?
What are cyber threats? How can we protect
ourselves from cyber threats? What is the
impact of cyber security?
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